Tuesday, January 26, 2010

What do you think they'll find?

Well- here ya go! Look closely, the building in the background is the
Trust Building.

I took this picture of the trench in the Front Street Improvement Project. I was in front of the alley between the old Tom's Drug and Momentum Surf Shop.

The blue pipe in the back ground is the new water main, so I'll assume the big line running parallel in the foreground is an old water line. The question is, what is bisecting it ...

It looks like a sewer line, but I need to confirm. We thought yesterday there was an artesian well in the area because of the water pooling. But as a layman (me) I guess this intersection of pipes is likely the source.

I sent the Director of Public Services an email tonight betting how many more junctions like this we'll find. If we find at least 5 more, he owes me lunch ...

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